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Эскиз застройки территории в пос. Тимоново, Солнечногоский район
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Mы победители!
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Ёскиз застройки территории в пос. “имоново, —олнечногоский район
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Development of project documentation at: Moscow, Presnenskaya front, 2, Architectural-construction solutions



"Pasta Deli" Ltd.




Moscow, Presnenskaya embankment, 2, mall "OFIMOL City"




Head architect: Nozdracheva P.V.


Head engineer M.V. Zhdanova Constructor: D.I. Zgirovsky Architect: E.V. Kolochkova

Project documentation for «Pasta Deli", is developed on the basis of the initial data.The aim is to:

- Development of project proposals for implementing of the facility conversion.

Adaptable room extends into the dispenser "AFIMOL City", which is located at the address: Moscow, Presnenskaya front, 2, set F2a.

Project solution

The project of the conversion into residential premises F2a includes:  

- Installation of drywall partitions on the frame thickness of 100 mm,

with the appliance of the a doorway for swing doors MDO-700.2000/40.

The emerging rooms of "A", "B", "C"  with the area of 11.60, 13.90, 18.36 sq.m. They are faced with ceramic tiles - 300x300mm floor, on the wall it's 200x300 mm, the appliance of the system of the ceilings "Armstrong" which are filled with metal perforated tiles. 

The appliance of technical equipment:  

- In room "A" the appliance of cooling camera, the monoblock which is designed to cool the interior of the volume of cold room and two commercial refrigerators. Wall tile is laid out to reach 2.000 meters, above the drywall for painting, ceiling is stitched at elevation. 3.200 m.

- In room "B" the appliance of different dimensional tables, dishwasher, water dispenser foot, commercial refrigerator, washer and shelving. Wall tile is laid to the ceiling, the ceiling is filed at elevation. 3.600 m.

- In room "C" the appliance of refrigerated cabinets, showcases, macaroni, saladetta and rack distribution, on which a billboard is mounted at around 2.600 m. The tile is laid at elevation. 1.500 m in this room, above the drywall for painting the ceiling is stitched at elevation of 3.600 m

Architectural laboratory offers the full range of services: from the initial permits, the development of all project stages to approval of projects and supervision.

107031, Moscow, Petrovka str., 27, tel: (495) 694-61-25, fax: (495) 694-67-80,mail: info@alpn.ru


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