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Эскиз застройки территории в пос. Тимоново, Солнечногоский район
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Mы победители!
We are winners!
Ёскиз застройки территории в пос. “имоново, —олнечногоский район
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Project entrance area, the stages "P" and "R"



"Metallosfera" ltd.




Nagatinskaya st., 16, Moscow




Head architect: Nozdracheva P.V.


Head engineer: Zhdanova M.V. Constructor: Zgirovsky D.I. Architect: Kolochkova E.V. Vizualization: Kolochkova E.V.

The architectural offer

Entrance is located on the axis "A" between the axes of the "6" and "7" along the main facade of the building line, parallel to the Nagatinskaya St. The project provides for the use of load-bearing structure, which is a composition of metal posts and profiles are based on the glass panels.

In terms of the plan the design repeats the plan's line, which is made for mounting the input stages.

The main objective of architectural-planning solution is the creation of lightweight structural element for the input group. With the help of colors and openwork structural component - the selection of the input front, as the focus of a linear composition of the facade of the building

Construction solution

Constructive input of the decision is made of the following design elements:

- Flat rack and cover designs, which are based on the panel of tempered glass.

Racks are made from a V-shaped bent closed welded square profile of 100x4. A flat cover design consists of a central beam profile is 100x4, outside the arch and the inner profile is 100x4 small arches of channel 10. A flat cover design is based on the V-shaped rack in the locations of the struts profile of 100x4. V-shaped rack support through the rest of the plate on the concrete slab porch. The support plate mounted on cement mortar and concrete slab are fixed to the porch anchors with a diameter of 20 mm. The flat design of the top cover divides into stretch marks with a diameter of 20 mm. Streamers are attached via a loop to cover the design and detail design of a mortgage to strengthen reinforced concrete column frame buildings. The design of gain is a metal clip from the corners of an equilateral 100x8 bars and 80x5. To strengthen the construction of welded part of the mortgage diam.76x5 pipe.

Architectural laboratory offers the full range of services: from the initial permits, the development of all project stages to approval of projects and supervision.

107031, Moscow, Petrovka str., 27, tel: (495) 694-61-25, fax: (495) 694-67-80,mail: info@alpn.ru


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