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Эскиз застройки территории в пос. Тимоново, Солнечногоский район
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Ёскиз застройки территории в пос. “имоново, —олнечногоский район
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Consolidated Plan of the utilities for the project planning area of the object at Moscow Region, Borovskoe Highway



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Moscow region,Leninsky municipal district, near village Rasskazovka




Head architect: Nozdracheva P.V.


Head engineer (engineer-economist): Struchkova T.P. Architect: Ponomarenko E.V. Head engineer: Zhdanova M.V. Engineers: Miakinskaya Z.A., Kononova V.N., Khimakova I.A., Zunbo G.A.

Engineering support

Outside the water supply, fecal sewerage, drainage and gas supply

This project is an engineering development of external networks of water supply, sewerage, drainage and gas supply for the construction of a multifunctional complex on the roadside in Moscow region, Leninsky district, village Rasskazovka.

According to the instructions in this project  the following works are executed:

1. Household and firefighting water supply;

2. Hot water supply;

3. Fecal sewerage;

4. Storm sewer;

5. Gas supply (for heating);

The section is designed on the basis of:

- Drawings of the general plan;

- Terms of Reference of the customer;

- Technical conditions and in accordance with applicable rules and regulations;

- SNIP 2.04.01-85 * "Domestic water supply and sewerage of buildings";

- SNIP 2.04.02-84 * "Water. External networks and facilities ";

- SNIP 2.04.03-85 * "Drain. External networks and facilities ";

- TSN 40-301-97 "Water supply and drainage areas of residential low-rise buildings of the Moscow region";

- Decree № 298-PG "standards of water consumption of the population of Moscow region";

- Snip 42.01-2002 "Gas."

Water supply

Water supply project of the designed roadside service is made on the basis of specifications issued by the "GUP" Vidnovskogo "PTO" sector number of the VC-75 05.04.2012g.

Purpose of the system of drinking water for drinking needs, providing outdoor fire. Water is supplied from the existing water supply system d = 150 with the reconstruction of an existing well. The project adopted a scheme - the combined economic-drinking and fire.

To ensure uninterrupted water supply to the consumer the  loopback network  is designed , which is attached to the existing water supply system at two points.

On the trail water wells are installed with fire hydrants with a pointer to PG for outdoor fire at a rate of 30 l. / Sec. According to the norms of the Moscow region. On the water entering into the body number 1 to install meters (meter water meters SKBi-32). Trunk water supply system is designed out of plastic pipe grade PE 63 SDR-17.6 «drinking" according to GOST 18599-2001 diameter d = 100. All shut-off and control valves and fire hydrants are installed in concrete pits with a diameter 1500-2000m. Depth of the water supply system adopted in the average h = 2.40-2.60 truby. The basements of the bottom under the pipeline are the natural soil on the sandy bottom with seals.


Project wastewater from the complex is made on the basis of specifications issued by the "GUP" Vidnovskogo "PTO" sector number of the City VC-75 from 05.04.2012g.

Purpose of the system is the removal of domestic wastewater from the consumer in the fecal sewage system. Channeling of the of the projected  service routes to the sewer  d = 200, and later in the ANC.

From the main body 1 and the number of building cleaning and projected releases d = 100 with a slope i = 0.02 in the direction of the main road. Gravity trail runs from the pipe PE 63 SDR-26: d = 225 x 8.6, d = 110 x 10. On the bends or where connection is installed manholes d = 1-1,5 m of precast concrete elements. Depth of the pipe taken in view of the freezing depth h = 1,40 m, Moscow region h = 1.40-2.50m.

Backfill the trench with soil from local sand preparation h = 10cm. Under the roadway trench backfilled sandy soil to the top of the pavement.

Storm drainage

 The  organization is  solved as a closed system drains, with the attachment to an existing drain d = 600 for Borovskoe highway.  This is made for improvement of the territory and as a subject to a vertical surface drainage plan. At the departure from the roadside territories on the Bohr set in trays highway gutter inlets are set.

They exclude ingress of rain water on the projected area of the complex. Highway drainage is assembled from "PVH" pipes d = 400 with the installation of observation wells and  prefabricated concrete elements on the sandy bottom.

Litter removal

The project has adopted a centralized system for removing debris (solid waste).

Container system of  garbage collection is designed , which is then transported to the landfill garbage trucks under a contract with the Company specializing Moscow region.

Rubbish is removed from the containers once a day.  The installation of containers with the division of household waste is preferred. 

Gas supply

The gas supply project to provide a warm gas is made in accordance with existing regulations SNiP 42.01-2002, and "Safety Rules gas industry" and technical specifications issued by the branch "Podolskmezhraygaz" "GUP" "Mosoblgaz» № 845-62/11 from 03.04.2012g. The source of supply is a high gas pressure of P = 0.6 MPa, d = 150 with cabinet installation EMG (SHRP) to lower pressure. High pressure gas pipeline is projected to the body of a complex number with the installation on the wall of a building "SHRP" (combustion).

Further provided in the combustion gas metering (meter) and household gas boiler capacity of 320 kW. To provide a warm body number 1 is designed interior heating system. The building cleaning of hull number one heating main is laid. Installation of high pressure gas pipeline underground polyethylene pipes "GAZ» SDR 17.6 at a depth of h = 1.40 d = 100. Entrance to the SHRP is made of steel pipes, steel pipeline connection with the polyethylene produced by the "polyethylene-steel." The vertical sections of pipeline valves installed ground performance. Steel parts are covered by a "very heavy insulation"

Industrial safety

Certified equipment and materials are used  in order to ensure the safety of the project , with the use of certificates of conformity issued by the Gosstandart of Russia.

The pipeline route is designed in accordance with regulatory requirements and provides the security conditions on the placement of the required distances from other structures and communications. The project should be coordinated with all interested organizations. All taken in the draft regulations are mandatory for construction companies. This will ensure industrial safety facility, population and territories protection from emergencies, preserve the environment.

Architectural laboratory offers the full range of services: from the initial permits, the development of all project stages to approval of projects and supervision.

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