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Эскиз застройки территории в пос. Тимоново, Солнечногоский район
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Ёскиз застройки территории в пос. “имоново, —олнечногоский район
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polina nozdracheva







Office building`s facades reconstruction





0406 АГР, П, 0407 ГП


Moscow, Altufievskoe highway, Moscow




The chief architect of the project: P. Nozdracheva


In collabration with: E.Shornikova, M.Stepanova,
Constructions: D. Zgirovskii, LTD "SSK"

0406, 0407

Site plottage: 3806 sq. m
Building plottage: 1146 sq. m

The planned land area of 3806.0 square meters. meters (of which 2660.0 sq. meters - short term rental, 1146.0 sq. km. meter - long-term lease) is located in an industrial zone № 49 "Beskudnikovo" to the north-east of the town center in the metro area Altufievsky outside the Third Transport ring in close proximity to the road network (highways Altufievskoe). The relief of the site has a calm nature. Land borders: From the north - the production area; In the south - with a residential area, provided by approved town-planning documentation; From the west - is adjacent to the 4-storey industrial building; In the East - 18 meters from the property line runs Altufievskoe highway. Currently, the site includes: Nonresidential 6-storey building with ground floor of the technical area - 1146.0 m, 50 m away from the Altufievskoe highway built in the second half of the 20th century, operated in part; Uncomfortable fenced area used for parking. In the space-planning decisions address the issue of reconstruction works on the facade of a building accomplishment of adjoining territory. In the first phase of construction is considered the territory within the boundaries of the allocated site as an interim site improvement and organization of parking under the Treaty of short-term land lease. The main entrance is located on the territory of the Altufievskoe highway. Fire exit - on the street standard. At the projected area projected: Motor Vehicle Parking for 80 cars, which corresponds to 1.01-99 MGSN 04.10.2005g. № 769-PP, green areas: along the facade of the building, the perimeter of a limited area, along the main entrance to the projected area. The total area of ​​green space area is 321.7 square meters, accounting for 12% of the total area of ​​the site for the first phase of construction. Public building for administrative purposes - a 6-storey with basement and attic technical space. Spatial stiffness of the box of the building is provided in a plane frame skeleton, consisting of precast concrete columns and beams, and in the other - vertical steel ties, wheels, and floor coverings. Floor height: 5.4 m - 1st Floor, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 2nd floor - 4.2 meters height Technical attic space - 2.7 m The basic building blocks of buildings are reinforced concrete columns and steel supports (on the technical floor). Exterior walls: Prefabricated self-supporting lightweight aggregate hinged panels, solid brick red brick, ceramic brick lined facial. Intermediate floors: precast concrete floor slabs of ribbed reinforced concrete girders for. Attic floor (cover) - precast concrete deck slabs of ribbed reinforced concrete girders for. Roofing - flat roll is made of several layers of roofing material. Facing facades of the building proposed for the planned hinged facade panels AluComp FR, is a composite panel made of two cover plates made of aluminum alloy with a plastic or mineral layer. The use of this material is permitted for buildings of all degrees of fire resistance of structural and functional classes of fire danger (in SNiP 21-01-97 and SNiP 2.01.02-85). AluComp FR do not contain toxic fumes, have a high flexural rigidity, lightweight, resistant to shock, and the impact of the environment. The materials are environmentally friendly, require no additional noise isolation, have the ability to attenuate vibration, have an extensive range of colors. Installation of AluComp FR can be done in different ways using the subsystem U-kon. The total area of hinged panels were as follows: 2900.2 sq.m. Entrance area is made of 501 panels AluComp Light grey shine. A number of elements is performed with the use of metal structures. Ledge of the entrance area of the facade wall is 2.9 meters Space-planning and design decisions are made in accordance with SNiP «Public buildings and facilities" and in accordance with the SNP 31/05/2003 "Public buildings for administrative purposes," according to fire protection requirements.

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