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Эскиз застройки территории в пос. Тимоново, Солнечногоский район
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Ёскиз застройки территории в пос. “имоново, —олнечногоский район
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polina nozdracheva







The planning project of the district on Chkalov Street in Krasnoarmeisk



Customer: LTD "Constracting-investing company "SAS"


1407 ПП


Moscow region, Krasnoarmeisk town, Chkalova st.




Chief architect of the project: P.Nozdracheva
Chief engineer of the project: A.Natarkina


Architect: E. Shornikova

Total plottage: 21.4 ha

Work was carried out with the main provisions of the General Plan Krasnoarmeysk developed NIiPI general plans in 1983., As well as sketches of building block in the street. Chkalov performed SUE "MOSGIPRONIISELSTROY" in 2005 and agreed by the Head Office of Architecture and Urban Planning, Moscow Region (№ 344/1789). The project plan is: development planning, taking into account the structure of the territory of the existing building and used types of houses; determination of the volume of housing and cultural and community development; account of the development of transport services; determination of required power loads and circuits engineering; forecast changes in the state of the environmental situation; identification of priority activities of the project; the establishment of boundaries of objects of urban activity. Development of the draft plan was conducted in accordance with the requirements and subject to the following regulations, initial permits and requirements and suggestions of interested organizations: TSN PZP-99, MO; TSN 30-303-2000 MO; Sanitary 2.2.1/; Instructions on how to design, coordination, review and approval of planning documentation; APL № 94 of 23.05.2006, the; Approved job design; Technical conditions of operating organizations; Surveying from 2006., Made of "KALUGATISIZ." The planned site is located in the southern part of the historic city of Krasnoarmeisk and limited to: from the north and north-east - p. Vorya; from the west - the territory of the existing chapel; from the south - st. Academica Yangel. Street. Academica Yangel is the main city thoroughfare that provides access to the Krasnoarmeysk from the Yaroslavl highway. Transport service area isplanned with the entry and exit to the street. Academician of the street Yangel Chkalov. The terrain has a drop in grades in the direction p. Vorya. Vertical marks - 3-4.5 m On the territory there are 2-3-4-5-9-10-storey residential buildings, a kindergarten, administration building, housing the MP, there are many green areas of deciduous and coniferous species. The whole territory is located in the water protection zone p. Vorya. By planning restrictions include 35-meter coastal zone p. Vorya. The considered area is 21.3 hectares, including: highway -2.4 m; area of ​​residential development areas - 5.43 hectares; common area - 1.8 hectares; Other areas - 11.77 hectares. Residential buildings are placed evenly across the area, but since they have different number of floors, the density of the population is unevenly distributed. In the western part of the quarter is placed kindergarten. There are other objects of housing and communal purposes, such as TA, CND, OVC, fracturing treatment plant stormwater. There are undeveloped area - 7.7 hectares, accounting for 36.2% of the planned area. The estimated area of ​​7.23 hectares (34.2 sq m / person.), Which characterizes the low intensity of land use. In the absence of a comprehensive school site, the density of the housing stock is 5800 square meters of total area / ha, which corresponds to the performance of low-intensity use areas (4.4 - 5.4 thousand sq. m. Total area / ha). Potential reserve housing development in the district is its douplotnenie due to the development of free areas and the demolition of the old fund. On the territory of the existing housing block has the following characteristics: total area - 42,2 thousand m2; population - 1.8 thousand people; average availability of the total area - 23,4 m2 per person; buildings 2-3 - 5-storey dwellings - 50.9%; storey building of 10.9 dwellings - 49.1%. To the west of the proposed area lined 9-10-story modular homes. Central and southern parts of the built up 2-3-4-5 storey brick houses. Five-story apartment houses are built premises. Dwelling house on the street. Chkalov, 15 339 sq ft area is in poor condition and is intended for demolition.

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