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Эскиз застройки территории в пос. Тимоново, Солнечногоский район
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Ёскиз застройки территории в пос. “имоново, —олнечногоский район
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Sketch of building an integrated residential development area






Explanatory note

1. Introduction

The architectural concept of an integrated residential development, the address: Moscow region, Odintsovo district, Novoivanovsky village, Zarechie. The district has been developed in accordance with the tender specification ltd. "Novaya developerskaya kompaniya" and with the Treaty on 22.02.2012 № 8482/11-1212/02-.

The aim is to develop a creative idea of the architectural concept of residential development with associated elements of social infrastructure for the full functioning of the residential complex as a self-contained element of urban development.

Development of design documentation was carried out in accordance with the requirements and subject to the following regulations: TSN PZP-99 MO, MO TSN 30-303-2000; Sanitary 2.2.1/

2. Urban planning situation and the status quo

The construction site with a total area 40.0 hectares is located within the urban settlement in the district 1.5 kilometers from Moscow.

In the north and west the projected area is bordered by suburban areas in the south-west - with the existing high-rise (8-12 storeys), residential buildings in the north-east - to the existing 9-16-storey residential buildings settlement panel. District in the south - with the territory Bakovskogo Forest Park.

The relief area is quiet, with a slight decrease to the south, toward the forested area.

The main planning components of the projected area is defined by the boundaries and lines of urban management (red line. It's approved on the basis of previously developed planning documentation.

The decision to withdraw from the hothouse of the planned building site creates the preconditions for the creation of a new urban situation in the region, based on the characteristics of the location of the site and its surroundings.

3. Architecture and planning solution

The conditions that determine the organization of a new residential neighborhood, including both stable circumstances, are:

1. nature of planning and spatial organization of the first phase of construction of residential buildings (which is currently projected three 9-storey 6-section of residential houses and a set of 6 ground-level parking lots) and

2. landscaped pedestrian and transport linkages, which passes through the projected area (due to the presence of the axis passing by this area of high-voltage cable line).

Space-planning solution involves placing middle storey complex blocks of houses of different height, and each quarter is a separate semi-enclosed urban education from the general inner foot space, which are combined with each other, creating a continuous landscape-foot structure.

Transport and landscaped pedestrian areas, taken as the main compositional axis of the new residential development, are, in fact, residential streets, which fades into the greenery and landscaped courtyards, where are playgrounds and recreation areas.

Despite a fairly simple layout of houses in the red lines (along which is designed higher residential development - 7-9 storeys), their picturesque character is provided by the differential technique adopted storeys towards inner space and the existing low-rise buildings, which in combination with the proposed landscaping create compositional and pictorial plastic construction of the projected area.

Planning accents are the main hiking guides, which are highlighted in the amount of point-like high-rise residential buildings.

According to the project site located on the multi cell individual residential buildings of varied height.

- Total area of apartments - 285 square meters;

- Built-purpose rooms free area of 3 sq m;

- 2 detached DDU 150 and 170 seats;

- Underground car park at 4244 m / seats.

The main technical and economic indicators are presented in table number 2.

According to the competition tasks, the territory in question, on the basis of the planning scheme area, has a number of areas. Each zone is separated into an independent district and has its typology and number of floors of housing. Thus, given a lay-division may be considered an area for priority development.

In Zone B provides multi-section 3.4 storey house an estimated area of 20 thousand sq.m.

In Area C provides two multi-section 4.6 storey houses an estimated area of 50 thousand sq.m. and a kindergarten for 150 places.

In zone D provides three multi-section 5.9 storey houses an estimated area of 80 thousand sq.m.

In the F zone There are four multiple-storey residential buildings 09.05 an estimated area of ​​65 thousand sq.m.

In the area of multiple-G provides three 4.3 storey houses an estimated area of 70 thousand sq.m. and mixed-use complex.

The typology of apartments is given in table number 1.

On the ground floors of residential buildings located in zones C and F along the planned boulevard, placed non-residential premises with a total area - 3000 sq.m.

All inner areas have multi-level space, where a landscaped area located two-level underground garage for the storage of vehicles of citizens living and working in the area. Posted on the site open guest parking in accordance with regulations, but not less than 30 m / seats each residential building (on the basis of the Competition task).

4. Landscaping and gardening.

Planting area is formed by a central boulevard district, landscaped courtyards of houses, schools and preschool institutions.

For the rest of adults and children's play areas the special materials are provided. All tracks and platforms are coated by special blend, lawns, garden curbs kicking.

Playgrounds and recreation complexes are equipped with different functional purposes. Before the built-in and attached facilities and services provided along the boulevard tiled.

Landscaping also includes areas placing short-term storage of garbage and bulky waste storage sites. Passages are projected width 5.5-6.0 m, with a coating of asphalt with stone frame board 15 x 30 cm height 150 mm. Passages taken pent profile, transverse and longitudinal gradients in the normal range. For pedestrian walkways are designed with the asphalt width of 1.2 - 1.5 m

5. Technical and economic indicators

Typology of apartments

The distribution of flat is prior, an increase in the proportion of 4-room apartments is possible by combining one-and two-bedroom apartments.

The main technical and economic indicators

                                                                                                                        Table №2



unit measurement of


Area Plot



in the including DDU area



General area housing


330 000,00

General Area apartments


285 000.00

The total area built-in space


3 000,00

Security of the population with a total area of ​​apartments

m / person.




9 500

The number of apartments


3 264



150 (Zone C)

170 (Zone D)


3-9 Floor

Top mark



Qty m / sites for permanent storage

m / seats

4 244

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