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Эскиз застройки территории в пос. Тимоново, Солнечногоский район
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Ёскиз застройки территории в пос. “имоново, —олнечногоский район
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The territory of housing estate complex improvement



LTD "Constracting-investing company "SAS"


1707 ГП


Krasnoarmeisk, Moscow region, Chkalova Street, 2-9




Chief architect of the project:P.Nozdracheva Chief engineer of the project:A.Natarkina


Architect:E. Shornikova

The project of the building a 10-storey residential building in Krasnoarmeysk on the st. Chkalov, 2 is made on the basis of architectural planning task number 94. It is approved by the General Directorate of Architecture and Urban Planning, Moscow Region May 23, 2005. The basis for the design are: Resolution of the Mayor of 18.09.2002 № 527 "On the approval of materials selection of land intended for multi-storey residential building"; Decree № 399 of the Mayor of 28.07.2004g. "On approval of the project boundaries of the land, located at Krasnoarmeysk Street. Chkalov, near the village of number 7 "; Resolution of the Mayor № 103 of 24.03.2006g. "On approval of the project boundaries of the land, located at the address: Moscow region, Krasnoarmeysk Street. Chkalov, etc. № 2,21,23 ».

Status Quo

The construction site of an apartment house is located in the southern city of Krasnoarmeisk. It is bounded: from the north - the site of the existing nine-story apartment house; from the east - the existing residential development; from the south - free land and more street. Academica Yangel; from the west - vacant land and 12 meters building trade - entertainment center. Total land area for construction of a dwelling house - 7848 sqm Warehouse MP Housing and a former kindergarten building to be demolished. On the north-west of the border land of 50 m occurs p. Vorya with the water protection zone of 200 meters. In the actual situation the relief area is smooth, quiet. Planning restrictions are security zones utilities. Part of the communications should be relayed.

Architectural planning and three-dimensional solutions development

On the planned territory the construction of 10-storey 6-ty sectioned a dwelling house on an individual project is planned by the project. Designed building is closing structure, forming the inner side of the building on the street. Chkalova, as well external ring of of a developed of the main facade - building of on the st. Academica Yangel along the highway. Together with the existing 9-storey 4 apartment house complex sectional forms the building of the embankment of the river Vorya. All entrances to the apartment are made with vnutridvorovye space. To comply with fire safety is provided around the entire house fire passage width 5.5 meters, which are also carried out with the entrances to the residential premises. Entry and exit from the site is from the st. Academica Yangel and st. Chkalov. For the population, and for facilities located in uninhabited areas, guest parking provided at 21 m / s place. Total area of ​​apartments - 13 m2 206.41. Number of flats - 250, in the fact including of 1-room -130; 2-of indoor - 102; 3-of indoor - 18. Indicative estimated number of residents in the provision of 30 square meters of total area per inhabitant - 440 people. On the one living has 11.9 square meters of residential area, which indicates a high degree of intensity of land use. TP provides for the construction, resurfacing passing through the territory of the utilities

Landscaping and gardening

The project provides landscaping and planting with your local area driveways and parking lots with asphalt, playgrounds and sports fields, playgrounds for household needs (bins), which are equipped with elements of small architectural forms. For the kids games and sports grounds with a soft surface are provided. All tracks and platforms, as well as garden lawns kicking curbs. Playgrounds and sports grounds are equipped with complexes of different functional purpose company "KSIL."
Relief organization
The plan of relief is made by the red contour design section of 0.1 m At the heart of the design solutions of the relief organization is the principle of maximum preservation of existing natural landscape. For this vertical layout is made with the maximum approximation to the black marks terrain slopes are applied, allowing to soften the sharp elevation changes. Vertical marks on the building site is approximately 3-4 m existing topography has a bias toward r.Vorya. Vertical planning of travel performed in connection with the projected area. Drain rainwater and melt water from the roof, surrounding territory, as well as landscaping area is to the treatment plant stormwater. The project provides for a zero balance earthwork considering placement of dredged material in the quarter.

Organization of transport links and pedestrian traffic

Entry into the territory and exit from the territory are carried out in the street and the st. Academica Yangel Chkalov. All entrances to the apartment are made with vnutridvorovye space. To comply with fire safety around the house provides the fire passage width of 5.5 meters. The project envisages construction of a two-layer asphalt pavement with a two-layer base and cement-sand underlay. For the population, and for facilities located in fixed premises, provided guest parking at 21 m / m, 10 of which are located within the boundaries of the allocated area and 11 - at a location nearby. To store the individual owners of vehicles required - 300 m / m x 0.44 = 132 m / m This is the number of machines will be located in existing parking lots within walking distance. The main highway citywide - st. Academica Yangel has three lanes. The width of the roadway - 14 feet. Relationship with other areas of the city is the urban passenger transport routes and route taxis. Pedestrian safety has three pedestrian crossings.

Fire preventing measures

Fire trucks go on the main road of travel, with the device and the ability to bypass an annular second exit. Projected water supply systems with hydrants provide fire suppression on the projected area under the current regulations.

Key decisions to ensure the living conditions of people with disabilities and limited mobility of the population.

As part of the solution master plan, development and organization of relief measures are provided to ensure full and limited mobility of disabled persons groups to meet the requirements VSN 62-91 * "GOSKOMARHITEKTURY". Gradients of footpaths and pavements, which can be used by disabled people in wheelchairs, are: Longitudinal - 6% cross - 2%. Trails are recreational facilities, equipped with benches. Walking paths have a hard surface to prevent slipping, and designed from the paving. Designated parking areas near the sites of service calculated on the basis of capacity allocation to them of personal vehicles with disabilities. All parking of vehicles will be allocated disabled markings and designate special characters. All entrances to homes and care facilities are equipped with a ramp to allow them entrance to the disabled in wheelchairs. For travel elevators provided for low mobile users. At the intersections of different coatings is recommended laying flush curbs for safe movement of people with disabilities.

Engineering support area

Water supplies are designed in accordance with the architectural layout of the territory in view of the connection to the building. Estimated water consumption is 221 m3/day. Water will be central to the existing urban water supply network in accordance with the specifications of the MP Utilities PTO № 828 of 04.08.05, the Projected residential building has a separate entry on the water supply network provides the installation of fire hydrants. Centralized sewerage drainage designed house is solved, given the terrain, the device of a sewer basin. The terrain and a vertical layout in general favorable to the unit gravity sewer system. The volume of wastewater is 221 m3/day. The connection is made to the existing urban collector household sewage. The intersection with the road drainage network provides a transition for her with the laying box. Recording of storm water is carried out on trays and then to passageways storm sewage disposal plants. Heat will be centralized. Heat networks are laid in foam insulation. Electricity is carried from the house closed transformer substation with 2 transformers rated at 2h630kVA, built on the projected area. There are street lights and driveway area of ​​the house. Arrangement of lights on the pillars of light - single row. All lighting poles made of metal, galvanized pipe with cast-iron elements (tables, adapters, brackets). The project includes installation of telephones, radio and a network of community reception in accordance with specifications.

Environment safety

The project provides equipment house water supply and sewerage in accordance with the sanitary standards of water consumption and wastewater. Used a centralized scheme of water supply and sanitation to prevent the negative impact of the designed object on ground and surface water. Surface water is provided from the territory of building a storm sewer system with the cleaning at wastewater treatment plants such as "Svir", then reset to the terrain. There are landscaping the site with the planting of ornamental trees of different species, shrubs and lawns with planting the device grasses that are resistant to weathering. To reduce contamination of the surface layer of the earth project provides a device unpaved roads and playgrounds, landscaping of adjacent territories, as well as the organized export of waste from the site for garbage collection, which is equipped with a container and has a solid surface.

Architectural laboratory offers the full range of services: from the initial permits, the development of all project stages to approval of projects and supervision.

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