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Эскиз застройки территории в пос. Тимоново, Солнечногоский район
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Ёскиз застройки территории в пос. “имоново, —олнечногоский район
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The stage of the "Project" (stage "P", the affirmed part)

LLC "Architectural Laboratory of Polina Nozdracheva" provides engineering services for the stage "Project" (approved part) objects of different functional purposes (apartment buildings, hotels, production facilities and municipal facilities, office buildings, retail trade and catering, cultural and entertainment facilities, educational facilities, sports facilities, parking garages and cars).

According to the distribution of property, plant and project work through the phases of design - the cost of major project activities under the "Project" (II) shall be part of - 40% of the total cost of project works.

At the stages of designing the company «ALPN Ltd.» Offers - on the basis of developed and approved design documents under the "Project" (L) developed stage, "Working documents" (P).

It is possible definition of the basic fundamental topics that are necessary for a more detailed study under "Working documents" (P).

In the development stage of the project "Project" (L), the following major sections of the design documentation in accordance with the functional purpose of object:

  • Master Plan;
  • organization of relief;
  • landscaping and planting;
  • water supply and sewerage;
  • gutters;
  • architectural solutions;
  • constructive solutions;
  • heating and ventilation;
  • technology (if necessary);
  • electrical equipment;
  • communications systems;
  • vertical transport (if necessary);
  • automation;
  • project of construction;
  • construction documents (mandatory for public procurement);
  • summary estimate of construction cost (if required);
  • Cooling;
  • air conditioning.

Dates of project documentation under the "Project" range from 2 to 4 months (depending on volume, function and complexity of the object).

  The project documentation developed by the Architectural laboratory seems to agree in the form of volumes, which are formed in accordance with regulatory requirements.

All engineering topics include textual materials (Explanatory note TEPy) and graphics (plans and schemes of engineering systems, concepts of engineering equipment to connect to utility services).

The volume of project documentation and the format of the development is performed LLC "Laboratory of Architecture Pauline Nozdracheva" according to the official standards adopted.

Additionally, the architectural studio in the development of the main sections of the project shall perform additional design sections:

  • section: "Production schedules process of dealing with construction and demolition waste";
  • section "Intrusion, fire-fighting";
  • topic: "Energy efficiency";
  • Section: "Fire prevention";
  • section: "Compensatory planting";
  • section: "ITM Defense and Emergencies";
  • topic: "Environmental Protection";
  • section: "coloristic passport";
  • section: "Engineering survey";
  • section: "Engineering and environmental study area."

  Also, the customer can order the company «ALPN Ltd.» For the development of single-stage design - the stage of "working draft" (WD). This staging is suitable for the development of small objects that do not require passing the examination and approval, where the stage stands RGM (Architecture and urban planning decision), on the basis of which has already been developed by specialists of "working draft".

  Cost and schedule are calculated by experts based on the architectural laboratory of official prices for design work, taking into account the inflation factor.

Architectural laboratory offers the full range of services: from the initial permits, the development of all project stages to approval of projects and supervision.

107031, Moscow, Petrovka str., 27, tel: (495) 694-61-25, fax: (495) 694-67-80,mail: info@alpn.ru


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