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Эскиз застройки территории в пос. Тимоново, Солнечногоский район
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Ёскиз застройки территории в пос. “имоново, —олнечногоский район
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The Moscow government plans to sell "Mosprojects"

The Moscow government plans to sell Mosproject - leading architectural and urban design organizations. Appropriate regulatory authorities intend to prepare a document in the near future. The market participants doubt that Mosproject interest affected by the crisis developers.

Source Infox.ru in the city administration said the government plans before February 20 to complete an assessment of "and the advisability of continuing the operation of virtually all of the Moscow state unitary enterprises (SUE), then be prepared by a decree.

"In the course of work on the evaluation of subordinate government SUEs proposals were developed for the future organization of enterprises, which have so far not taken action on their managerial reform, reorganization or liquidation," - said the source.

According to him, more than 20 Moscow SUEs will be privatized through auction at a public auction, 13 - transformed into joint stock companies with preservation of the shares owned by the city, seven - in public institutions, and 19 - eliminated.

"Among the companies that meet the criteria for appropriateness of their transformation into joint stock companies with the sale of 100% of shares, the majority are run by urban complex of the city - the source said. - In particular, almost all of Moscow`s design organization - Mosproject-2 "," Mosproekt-3 "and 4" Zelenogradproekt "," Mospromproekt "," Mosgorbytproekt "," Mosinzhproekt, design and estimate Bureau Committee for Culture and Research "Mosstroy».

In addition, under the reform SUEs city government is planning to SUE "Stroyinvest, repair and construction company" temp-guarantor ", the Moscow City Center real estate sales" Center-invest ", SUE" Stroytehnologii "," Mosekostroy ", Management Development and implementation of regional construction programs, the casting-rolling plant and several scientific and industrial organizations.

Reforming SUEs Moscow authorities are engaged in since 2006. Speaking at a cabinet meeting this past Tuesday, and Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov said that on account of the city is still 284 Gupalo, emphasizing that the Office of Vladimir Resin "ready to reduce unnecessary business».

In Mosproject-2 reported that the intentions of the authorities heard, but to comment on the possible sale of the company did not.

SUE control design of public buildings Mosproject-2 "under the leadership of Michael Posokhin was created in 1962 to design unique architectural sites mainly in the central part of Moscow and serves both public and private orders. Currently Mosproject-2 "appears to be a legal person entitled to various types of professional activity, and has all kinds of licenses - for the design, construction, restoration and engineering facilities in Moscow, Moscow Oblast and the Russian Federation. Among the projects the institute - the central core of the MIBC Moscow-City "complex of buildings on the site of the hotel" Russia ", branch of the State Academic Bolshoi Theatre, the reconstruction of the Central House of Artists on the Crimean Val, shopping and recreation complex" Okhotny Ryad, an office building Hals-Tower "1 st Tverskaya street.

Mosproject-3 "is working on objects in a suburban area, as well as the design of residential and public buildings in Moscow and Mosproject-4 is the leading organization in Moscow on designing buildings and structures of social infrastructure, including theaters, museums, libraries, hospitals, stadiums, ice rinks, swimming pools, as well as housing, offices, commercial facilities. Among his works - objects Olympics-80, State Tretyakov Gallery, the Theatre on a tripod and a zoo on the Red Presnya.

In town-planning complex confirmed the information about the possible sale of project organizations, noting that "for a final decision the authorities intend to conduct a comprehensive analysis of their activities and assess-owned property complex. In Office, recalled that in 2006 the city government declared its intention to uphold property rights to the shares Mosproject created in 1993 by transforming the state enterprise "Management of the housing and utilities construction Mosproject-1 in the corporation. Then the labor collective bought out by private subscription of 51% of the shares in accordance with the plan of privatization, and the city, through the Department of property remaining 49% of the shares. In this case, as approved by the city government, the privatization Mosproject in share capital without the knowledge of the city was made the property complex area of 18 thousand square meters. m.

Before the financial crisis of 2008 the Moscow design organizations remain profitable. According to the JSC Mosproject, in 2006 the society was transferred 712 million rubles of tax payments to the federal budget and 65 million - in the city. For the projects the organization carried out development of urban areas Kozhukhovo, Fili-Davydkovo, Mitino, Kurkino, fuss, South Medvedkovo, Izmailovo. In addition, the account Mosproject design houses Superior, in particular, "Sails" of the company Inteko. Now the residents complain about construction defects, because of which flooded the apartment.

Since the end of 2008 because of the recession in the construction industry the number of design workshops in Moscow decreased by four times. In the spring of last year Mosproject-2 were suspended almost all projects, and some employees sent an unscheduled vacation.

"While the construction industry will come out of the crisis, design institutes can count only state orders, which is not so much. It is unlikely that the situation in today`s purchasing project organizations may be of interest to investors ", - said a former employee SUE Mosproject-2».

According to the head NIIiPI General Plan of Moscow Sergey Tkachenko, the purchase of the Moscow design organizations will not be of interest to investors.

"As a rule, all more or less large construction companies have their own design firm, and acquisition of city they absolutely do not need - said the architect. - In addition, despite the fact that the fall in the construction industry to a halt, the rise has not yet begun ».

According to him, organizational and legal form NIIiPI General Plan will also be changed in the near future. However, the specific decision of the authorities on this issue yet. "It is unlikely that Master Plan will be a joint stock company. Design institute of this magnitude should remain under state control ", - said Sergey Tkachenko.

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